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From digital marketing strategy to social campaign management, kickstarting your digital marketing activity to upskilling your staff in digital platforms, we're here to help you bloom.

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digital strategy

We'll review your existing marketing efforts and provide a detailed report of what's working, what's not and what to do going forward.

As part of the recommendations you'll receive:

  • Audience definition | Who your customer is

  • Company niche/USP | Why customers will choose your business over competitors

  • Channels strategy | Which digital channels you need to be on and how to use them effectively

  • Content strategy | What content you need to distribute to grow, educate, engage and convert

  • Platform recommendations | What digital software you should use to execute your digital strategy

  • Templates | A suite of digital marketing templates to help you execute your digital strategy

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campaign management

Focus your time on doing what you love and leave the campaign management to us. We offer end-to-end management of:

  • Google Ads campaigns

  • Facebook/Instagram ad campaigns

  • Native advertising - eg. Outbrain and digital publishers

  • Influencer partnerships

  • Blog creation and uploading

  • Content creation, including video

  • Virtual events

Mobile Design

digital kickstart

Know you need a digital presence but unsure what to do or where to start? We can kickstart your digital marketing for you.

  • The look | Logo and brand visuals design

  • The destination | Build/rebuild your website

  • Customer growth | Set-up Google My Business and Google Ads accounts

  • SEO set-up | Ensure you're ranking on Google

  • Social presence | Create your social media channels

  • Customer communications | Set up your email marketing platform, including automated welcome email and 3 month email marketing plan

  • Content plan | Define and design your digital content plan

Campaign Management
Digital Strategy
Digital Kickstart

help your staff bloom too

Is there someone in your team with an interest in digital marketing that you'd like to develop? We can upskill your staff to execute the marketing of your business in-house.

Staff Training
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  • Bloom Instagram
  • Bloom LinkedIn

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